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Barnesville Potato Days



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Barnesville Potato Days Festival
Client: Barnesville Main Street Program, Barnesville, Minnesota

Project Overview:
Each year, the city of Barnesville, Minnesota is host of the Potato Days Festival, welcoming nearly 20,000 people to take part in fun potato-themed events and entertainment. Barnesville is my hometown, and in 1997, I offered to develop a festival website as a way for me to contribute as a volunteer for the festival. This is the third different design I have provided over the life of this project.

The site is organized into several key areas, history, event information, schedule, lodging, travel directions among others. I utilized Adobe Acrobat documents throughout the site which users can download to register for events or purchase festival merchandise.

My Role in the Project:
I conceptualized and developed the entire website. This site is now managed by the event committee.