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I graduated from college at the same time the world wide web explosion was just beginning. Little did I know the impact it would have on media development, in terms of graphic design, streaming media and as an overall message vehicle.

Historically, we haven't witnessed a birth of a new medium since television in the 1930s – and in the 80 years of broadcast television, not much has changed (aside from high definition broadcasting). The web however, seems to evolve in technology each few months. Streaming media, applications, social media, electronic forms ... the list could go on and on.

At the University of Minnesota, Morris, I am a designer of computer graphics for the world wide web. I am fortunate to have developed many designs for the University itself, and also for many departments and offices on campus. Additionally, I have made my services available on a freelance basis to outside organizations and commercial businesses - including my personal website.

Like many, I learned how to code pages by hand using basic HTML. Today, I use Adobe Dreamweaver, and also have experience in other content management tools that maintain and organize existing websites. Today, most of the University of Minnesota Morris web projects are outsourced and involve centralized content management systems.

In each of the project profiles in my web portfolio, I have provided links to the respective sites along with a description of my role in the project.