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Well-Traveled Roads ... Lead Through Morris
Client: University of Minnesota Morris

Project Overview:
University of Minnesota Morris Chancellor Jacqueline R. Johnson presented at the University of Minnesota Board of Regents Educational Policy and Planning Committee in May 2012. Instead of presenting facts and figures about UMM student outcome, Chancellor Johnson wanted to convey this message from the students' point of view.

Chancellor Johnson worked with Mike Cihak, of Instructional and Media Technologies, to develop a five-minute video segment featuring interviews of two UMM students - Manjari Govada ’12 Shakopee and Karl 'Boo' Schliep ’12. These two students are classic examples of UMM students - majoring in more than one field of study, engaging with UMM faculty in research opportunities, and active in student life.

The Govada and Schliep’s interviews were edited together to tell a composite story – UMM was the right place for them at this point in their lives, the relationship with their professors, the academic quality of their program, and availability of faculty/student research opportunities.

Govada and Schliep – like many UMM graduates – take advantage of these unique opportunities at UMM. Well Traveled Roads ... Lead Through Morris is a story about great students following their road to success. Morris is just a stop along their journey.

My Role in Project:
I served as director, editor and chief videographer of the project.


Well-Traveled Roads ... Lead Through Morris
Well-Traveled Roads ... Lead Through Morris
Type: Presentation
Running time: 4:55
Acquisition format: DVCPRO HD & AVCHD
Date produced: May 2012
Producer: University of Minnesota Morris
Director: Mike Cihak
Editor: Mike Cihak
Videographer: Mike Cihak & Kristofer Gieske