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Prairie Yard and Garden Horticulture Series
Client: UMM/Pioneer Public Television, 1987-present

Project Overview:
Prairie Yard and Garden (PY&G) is horticultural television series for gardeners in the upper midwest. Since 1987, PY&G has produced over 400 programs under its belt with topics ranging from New Shrubs and Fall Lawn Care, to Growing Hardy Roses and Pruning Trees.

Along with its affiliation with the University of Minnesota, the PY&G horticulture series has nurtured special relationships with the Minnesota Extension Service and Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, both providing knowledgeable guests and the latest in horticulture information and research.

Each season, we travel throughout the state of Minnesota, logging hundreds of miles and hours of footage for the 13 episode run.

The series is offered nationally to public television stations, and is currently broadcast on stations in Minnesota, California, Oklahoma, Illinois, Florida, North Dakota and Canada.

My Role in the Project:
Yet another project where I am responsible for many aspects. My primary responsibilities include Production Coordinator, Chief Photographer and Editor.


Prairie Yard and Garden (Series)
Prairie Yard and Garden
Type: Series (26th season)
Running time: 28:46 (broadcast)
Acquisition format: DVCPRO HD (16:9)
Date produced: June 1987-present
Producer: University of Minnesota Morris
Producer: Roger Boleman
Director: Roger Boleman
Production coordinator: Mike Cihak
Editor: Mike Cihak
Videographer: Mike Cihak & Roger Boleman
Link: Prairie Yard and Garden