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Minnesota Rivers and Fields
Client: University of Minnesota Morris and Pioneer Public Television, 2000

Project Overview:
Minnesota Rivers and Fields is a 13-part series covering more than 10,000 years of the geological, sociological and agricultural history of the Minnesota River basin in Minnesota. The series is produced by the University of Minnesota Morris in conjunction with Pioneer Public Television, and has been broadcast on Pioneer Public Television (KMCW), Twin Cities Public Television (TPT), and Lakeland Public Television.

The series is hosted by Bob Bergland, former Secretary of Agriculture under President Jimmy Carter (1977-1980).

My Role in Project:
My role in Minnesota Rivers and Fields is one of the more extensive in any project I have been associated with at the time. My primary responsibilities were chief photographer and video editor of the series.

The secondary responsibilities for the project include the conception, design and development of two complex, custom databases used to track the 1,000+ photographs collected, and all archival videotape footage shot during the project. Hard copy catalogs were provided to the writers and producers to assist in the coordination of media associated with the project.


Minnesota Rivers and Fields
Minnesota Rivers and Fields
Type: Documentary series (13 episodes)
Running time: 28:46 (broadcast)
Acquisition format: DVCPRO
Date produced: January-May 2000
Producer: University of Minnesota Morris
Producer: Roger Boleman & Gordon McIntosh
Writer: Kathyrn Gonier and Polly Fry
Editor: Mike Cihak
Videographer: Mike Cihak & Roger Boleman