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Meth in the Heartland: A Community's Response
Client: City of Morris, Minnesota; and University of Minnesota Morris, 2006.

Project Overview:
The City of Morris, Minnesota and the University of Minnesota Morris were co-recipients of a Community Outreach Partnership Centers (COPC) grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to address key areas for community revitalization. A key component of the grant was to create resident-backed strategies to spur economic growth and the reduction of crime. The partnership chose to focus on drug prevention - more specifically, methamphetamine prevention - and the development informational and educational materials on the effects of Methamphetamine abuse in small communities.

A research team was organized to research and develop a video documentary to discuss in-depth, the many facets of Methamphetamine abuse. Nearly thirty people were interviewed for the project, including former users, current users, victims of crime, law enforcement, judicial, corrections, mental health, legislative, and health care. The research culminated into a 47-minute documentary that has been broadcast on public television throughout Minnesota, and hundreds of DVDs have been provided to schools, community groups and organizations throughout Minnesota.

My Role in Project:
This project team consisted of four individuals. We all shared in the research, directing, writing, shooting and editing duties of the documentary and associated educational materials.

Meth in the Heartland: A Community's Response
Meth in the Heartland
Type: Documentary
Running Time: 47:19 (Broadcast)
Aquisition Format: MiniDV (4:3)
Date Produced: October 2006
Executive Producer: Morris COPC Project
Producer and Research Team: Jim Beauregard, Jill Beauregard, Mike Cihak and Casey Wagner
Editor: Mike Cihak and Casey Wagner
Link: City of Morris Police Department