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Clean Energy in Our Community
Client: University of Minnesota Morris & U.S. Energy Department, 2012

Project Overview:
In 2012, the U.S. Energy Department featured the University of Minnesota Morris in the Clean Energy in Our Community video series on The DOE features UMM's investments in clean energy that are benefiting local residents and workers. UMM is working to reduce their energy waste and deploy clean, renewable energy projects throughout the community.

UMM is committed to using renewable energy technologies to power its institution. Two 1.65 megawatt wind turbines produce enough power annually to provide about 60 percent of the campus’s electrical needs. The first turbine, operated by the West Central Research and Outreach Center, began generating power in 2005 and the second turbine, operated by the UMN-Morris, in 2011. UMM also purchases 3,000 tons of corn cobs annually to use in its biomass plant which helps provide heating and cooling for over 150 days at full production or considerably longer during lower heating and cooling demands. The Regional Fitness Center—a campus community partnership fitness center serving UMN-Morris, the City of Morris, Stevens County, and the Morris Area Schools—swimming pool is heated using 32 solar thermal arrays avoiding about 30,000 pounds of CO2 a year. The Welcome Center, certified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) gold, is the first building in Minnesota and the first building listed on the National Register of Historic Places to use energy efficient chilled beam technology. UMN-Morris also created an Office of Sustainability that helps the college prioritize projects to meet its goals.

The video is prominently featured by the U.S. Energy Department on its website, and also developed an article promoting UMM and its energy amd sustainability initiativesdistributed nationally, and also brought this information to the White House and the Obama administration.

My Role in Project:
Instructional and Media Technologies was given the charge by the chencellor of the University of Minnesota Morris and the U.S. Energy Department to produce this project in-house, with a fairly short timeline. I served as director, videographer and editor.


Clean Energy in Our Community
Clean Energy in Our Community
Type: Online video
Running time: 3:30
Aquisition format: DVCPRO HD
Date produced: August 2012
Executive producer: Jaqueline R. Johnson
Director: Mike Cihak
Writer: David Ericksen
Videographer: Mike Cihak
Editor: Mike Cihak
Link: | UMM News
Awards: Consortium of College and University Media Centers