Prairie Yard and Garden Studio Set
Prairie Yard and Garden Studio Set

Academic Challenge
Academic Challenge

Senior Linkage
Senior Linkage

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'Where The Heck Is My Screw Gun?'
Instructional and Media Technologies houses two television studio in the Humanities and Fine Arts Center. on the campus of the University of Minnesota Morris (UMM). Over the years, IMT has produced many successful live and live-to-tape multi-camera television projects for broadcast on public television. Today, we are in the process of upgrading one of these studios to high definition broadcast television standards. With this upgrade, IMT will again be able to provide television projects in high definition for both public television and for online webcasting.

The majority of television projects produced at IMT have a limited budget and a small crew. We have been able to keep the process of set construction in house as much as possible. Design and construction of studio sets has been very rewarding for me personally. So much so, that for a period of time Pioneer Public Television hired me on a freelance basis to design and build sets for their own television projects.

For more information regarding these projects, simply click on the image at right.

The first set I designed and constructed was for a weekly, 30-minute live horticulture series Prairie Yard and Garden, produced on the UMM campus (pictured, right) for Pioneer Public Television). Built in 1995, this project had a budget of only $500 and a six-week deadline. The concept I envisioned was an outdoor porch. I re-purposed a portion of the previous stage to use as the base for the deck, then added railings, a garden table with benches, and window boxes. The background emulated a house with french doors. We used this set for six seasons, before the show transition as an on-location, pre-produced program.

Academic Challenge is a 16-team high school quiz show that broadcast on Pioneer Public Television and produced on the UMM campus. This invitational tournament has been a mainstay at Pioneer for many years, and, in 2001, relocated production to IMT on the UMM campus. We revamped the entire production design, including a new set. I designed and built this set using Styrofoam to create the look and feel of brick and stone, re-purposed locker doors from an abandoned school for use as a hallway in the background, and many cool props on display.

Pioneer Public Television produced a program aimed at issues facing seniors living in rural Minnesota. Senior Linkage was 30-minute, live program that discussed issues for the aging population. This set was built at Pioneer Public Television in 1998. It featured a dining room theme with a large maple table in the center. A recessed bookcase was designed in the center background and a side table and roll top desk were added.