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Here is a partial listing of the technology I use on many projects. In addition to using these software packages and technology applications, I also provide training workshops and seminars to faculty, staff, students and outside groups indicated by an asterisk *.

HD Video Production
• Final Cut Pro 7*
• Panasonic HPX300 P2 cameras
• CatDV Media Asset Management System
• EditShare Collaborative Workflow System
• Cache-A LTO archive environment
• Boris
• Compressor

Audio Production
• Audacity
• Toast Titanium
• Miscellaneous microphones, mixers and amps, (studio and remote)

• Apple Macintosh* (OS 10.7)
• EditShare collaborative workflow server (server)
• Windows 7, Vista

• Adobe Creative Suite* (Illustrator, Photoshop, In-Design)
• DVD Studio Pro
• Motion
• Boris FX

Web Development and Webcasting
• Flash Media Encoder
• NewTek Tri-Caster STUDIO
• Adobe Dreamweaver
• Adobe Acrobat Professional

Organization, Presentation and Management Software
• Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
• Keynote
• FileMaker Pro*