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Growing for Green: Harvesting Cobs
Client: Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company LLLP, Benson, Minn.

Project Overview:
In 2009, Instructional and Media Technologies was commissioned to produce a DVD to promote the effectiveness of harvesting corn cobs for use as a biomass fuel source. Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company, LLLP, (CVEC) in cooperation with the West Central Research and Outreach Center, (WCROC) developed a study to identify the input costs, implement design, storage, transportation and market analysis of cob collection.

CVEC and WCROC needed a print piece they could send to agricultural producers to inform them of the concept, and to direct them to request a free DVD, or to watch online.

The brochure is a four-panel brochure (two-sided) that incorporates information about the study and interjects quotes from area corn growers on the exciting opportunity of harvesting cobs for biomass consumption. The piece also has important web links to additional information about the concept of the utilization of corn cobs as a renewable fuel source.

My Role in Project:
I was the lead designer of the piece. I used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to design the brochure using images shot during the production of the video project.


  CVEC Brochure
Growing for Green: Harvesting Cobs
Type: Brochure (4-panel)
Size: 12x18 (full bleed)
Date published: November 2009
Designer: Mike Cihak
Writer: Christopher Butler
Link: Adobe Acrobat