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Welcome to my portfolio
Since 1995, I have been providing design and development of traditional and interactive media for the University of Minnesota Morris, Office of Instructional and Media Technologies. I would like to share some of the projects I have been instrumental in developing and perhaps you may be interested in contacting me for any future interactive, television, print or consulting projects.

But first a little about me. I have a Master's Degree in Education from the University of Minnesota, Duluth and a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Advertising from Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM). Throughout my undergraduate college career, I had the good fortune of working at the MSUM Television Production Center under Bob Schieffer as a production guru with a primary focus in television. There, we produced some of the most interesting and rewarding projects of my career, including many televised music concerts for public television, a myriad of radio and television ads, and documentary programming.

I am currently director of Instructional and Media Technologies at UMM, where I develop engaging educational and media projects using the mediums of television, interactive media, radio and print. This wide project range positions me as the 'jack-of-all-trades' my clients rely upon.

As you will see from my online portfolio, I have had the opportunity to be involved on many meaningful and interesting projects in all facets of media production. I have enjoyed each project and hope to continue in this field for years to come.

So sit back, click, and enjoy my online portfolio. If you have an upcoming media project or event, feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have. Enjoy!